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I am trying to make a scrapbook and most of my pictures are on the computer. I would like to edit my pictures and print them out. What is the best photoshop software? what is the best photo printer? What is the best photo paper? Now I know I am asking for the best but I am also trying to find reasonable pricing. Please help!!! Thanks!

Take a look at GIMP the open source alternative. You can download GIMP for Windows from here Here also is a list of the Official GIMP Tutorials


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Tags: Go Buy her BOOK Isabel shows you how to make your recipe book on her computer.

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I have photographs that I took in color with a film camera (years ago) that I want to re-print in sepia for a scrapbook that I'm making. I scanned the photos into my computer, but I do not have any advanced photo editing programs (like photoshop, etc.) Is there any way I might be able to get these photos printed in sepia, for example from one of those Kodak Picture Maker machines, etc?

i dont think you can… i think you have to take the picture in sephia. I would go to a kodak store and ask a professional.

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