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imageA fun online scrapbook and photo book making site is Picaboo. Just upload your digital photos and make your custom photo book. Choose from a variety of beautiful binders and they have lay flat albums that are neat and slim. You can completely customize your book with a few clicks.

This is a great service for anyone who isn’t technical – no hard-to-understand software. No tutorials to study. Just go to the site and use their help and tools. Use custom backgrounds from your own digital images or select pre-loaded backgrounds for your pages. There is even a background community – other people’s images are available for you to use!

You can customize your book further by adding comments, names, years and journaling with text boxes. There are layouts for you to use as a guide to make your scrapbook or digital photo book look like a professional created it. If you need a gift idea, check out the book ideas, for help with topical or themed scrapbook and greeting cards for weddings, babies, pets, graduation, travel, Mother’s Day, vacations, holidays, Christmas, Easter, family history, genealogy and more.

Try Picaboo – you can easily see their pricing – which is very reasonable for the quality and speed of creation of your custom books.


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Photo Book Printing Online with Picaboo

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Print your photo books and digital scrapbooks online. I’ve been asked about services that do this. I think I’ll have to try out Picaboo – seems like their start out offer is pretty good! This is especially good for those that aren’t as technically inclined – or for those who just don’t have the time to buy albums and paper and print everything at home.

Picaboo – Create a Photo Book. Fast easy, fun and beautiful. Starting at just $9.99. Try it!

Think about trying this out  to make a graduation or Father’s Day present!


The product is a powerpoint presentation set to music with pictures from the person's life ….has been very popular at birthday celebration and church function…want to branch out and do it as a business but don't know where to really start …especially since people don't know what I am describing without seeing it….and how do you determine the market and price for this type of product?

I think that this is an awesome idea. I wish that I had thought of it. :-) There is a lady in my area that does this and what she did is made up brochures telling what it was. She called it memory video set to your favortie music. I think that is how she worded it Anyway, you should market it to schools including daycares that have anytype of graduation. My daughter had this done when she graduated from pre-school and was going into kindergarten. It was awesome. But the best marketing would be word of mouth. I would consider talking to someone who does this as a business.

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