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For example, make other appear to be in the photo, when their actually not. I did this with Picasa, but I wanted to know if there was a easier way to do this? Also, if you have any video editing software in mind, please let me know!! Thanx

I use photoshop. I think it is the best because you can enlarge the photo and blend the person in the background at the 1 pixel level. Will be blurry as you are doing it but you can not tell.

Video editing. Depends on how detailed you want to get. Movie maker is great for free software. i use it all the time at work. You can add effects, adjust sound levels, etc.

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Simple iPhoto 08 photo editing tutorial

Posted by admin

How to quickly edit a photo in Apple’s iPhoto program. Version 08.
iPhoto comes installed on all new macs, and is very quick and easy to use. I just wanted to show that you don’t need Photoshop just to do a few simple things to a photo to make it look better.

• Photos taken on a Canon G9.
• Edited in iPhoto 08.
• Intro music by Partners in Rhyme
• Screencast created on an iMac 20″ with Screenium.
• No post-production done.
• Special thanks to Ms Koala for starring in this tutorial. She and her friends can be found at Wildlife World, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.

• Created by Livia for Chamelle Designs © 2009.

• Blogged here:


Duration : 0:4:9

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video editing software used:
Adobe After Effects – CS3

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Duration : 0:0:51

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