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In a previous post I wrote about a place to download free Photoshop and Photoshop Elements brushes. I promised to actually try installing one. So, I am going to use the free bubble brush I downloaded. I documented each step and will show you how load and to use the brush.

First, a review of downloading – I created a folder to save my downloads in. You don’t have to do this, you can just download the file to the program files: 

Add Custom Photoshop Brush

Step 1: Download or add brush file.

  • Download to or place the *.abr file (brush file) into: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop X\Presets\Brushes where X is the version number for your version of Photoshop.


View Photoshop Brushes Palette

Step 2: View the Photoshop Brushes Palette

  • View the brushes pallete from the Photoshop “Window” menu, or press F5 to view it.


Load a Photoshop Custom Brush

Step 3: Load a New Brush

  • If Photoshop was open, close the program reopen it.  Go to the Brushes Pallette in Photoshop, find the little down arrow and select “load brushes” to add them. (you’ll have to select the file – in my example it’s called SKS-bubbles.abr – shown in step 1).


Photoshop Brush Tool

Step 4: Click on the Brush Tool

  • You have to be using the brush tool (see the toolbar above) to use brushes.


Select and use a photoshop brush

Step 5: Select the Brush (now that it’s been loaded)

  • This shows how I select a brush in the brush pallete.


Using the bubble brush

Step 6: Using the new brush!

  • Just change the colors, select a brush size and click on the page – you have a cool bubble. I changed the colors and brush sizes to make these three bubbles. (Very fun!)

I hope you have as much fun with your new brush as I did!


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