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Save on Photoshop Elements

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Have you bought Adobe Elements yet? Here the latest on prices for Adobe Photoshop Elements software:

Photoshop Elements 7

Adobe has finally figured out that many scrapbooking fanatics are using their software. You should go see how the site has changed (to include tips and help for scrapbookers). Photoshop Elements 7 costs $99.99 or Photoshop Elements 7 with Plus membership for $139.99.

For Mac – Photoshop Elements 6 is on sale. It’s their Dad’s and Grads sale – $89.99 for the full version or $69.99 for the upgrade. These discounts never last for long, so act fast if buying Adobe Photoshop Elements was on your “to-do” list!

What is the Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 with Plus* membership?

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 software combines power and simplicity so you can make ordinary photos extraordinary, tell amazing stories, and share them virtually everywhere. And now, extend the capabilities of your software with new Plus* membership that includes:

  • Ongoing delivery of tutorials, artwork, and templates
  • 20GB of online storage
  • Access to your photos and videos virtually anywhere you are
  • And fun, interactive photo-sharing experiences for friends and family

So, for a little more money you get a lot more with storage space, tutorials, templates and photo-shareing tools.


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